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Dr. Christina Giacona is a Lecturer on American Musics at The University of Oklahoma, a Smithsonian Folkways-certified World Music Pedagogue, holds the Nancy and Mitch Llewellyn Chair as a clarinetist with the Fort Smith Symphony, and is the Executive Director and clarinetist of the Los Angeles New Music Ensemble. She is also one of the only female producers in the country who works on both classical and popular multi-tracked albums. Fiercely dedicated to performing the music of our millennium, Christina Giacona has performed in diverse locations, from Los Angeles’s Spaceland to Barbès in New York, and at festivals including the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, International Clarinet Association Festival, Clarinet Symposium, John Donald Robb Trust Composers' Symposium, Inner sOUndscapes, and Make Music New York.

Her new textbook, The Indigenous Music of Turtle Island: Native American Music in North American, is now available through Kendall-Hunt Publishing.